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XEON Online The Elders Scroll Skyrim Background

Ends 1.3.2018

1 2 3 4 5 6



Welcome to XEON Online!
Trader Trader Thief Thief Hunter Hunter TraderHunterThief All
RankChar nameJob typeExpContribution
1Trader11Trader Trader14940800031600000
2Trader22Trader Trader14940800031600000
3Trader33Trader Trader14940800031600000
4Trader44Trader Trader14940800031600000
51MooNTrader Trader14940800031600000
63MooNTrader Trader14940800031600000
74MooNTrader Trader14940800031600000
8MaivShengTrader Trader1496162531600000
9XverdadeiroXTrader Trader34795752022400
10[EM]FOXHunter Hunter794586207260
11__HUNDERED__Thief Thief2239040232185
12Za3balThief Thief693823940
13li__N7la__ilThief Thief018770
14_INSANE_Hunter Hunter20437443
15ThorHunter Hunter32106810
16DaddyIS_hereHunter Hunter04824
17ImpressedHunter Hunter8314431
18Omega1337Thief Thief30003000
19DMCThief Thief12001200
20INFINTYHunter Hunter21254851770
21StripperHunter Hunter21161628210
22Ta2Hunter Hunter18834386930
237medooTrader Trader17627276290
24uniQboYTrader Trader16499763090
25TroPiKTrader Trader15557776590
26StelioSHunter Hunter15278699020
27SpHo0o0oLeeTrader Trader15085753720
28BIackTrader Trader14336824600
29TragickBeatsHunter Hunter14242318660
30Ram7Trader Trader14161135660
31UniqueHunter Hunter13225907390
32KeLangDuTrader Trader13071037400
33HowAreYouHunter Hunter12361251580
34TITOOTrader Trader12342400000
35D_A_R_KTrader Trader11725244090
36BlackSmithTrader Trader11465349820
37CriticalHunter Hunter11066804310
38JumanjiHunter Hunter10772534110
39I_Abdallah_ITrader Trader10426061940
40WudyTrader Trader10393531000
41_ImUrDeathTrader Trader9776447080
42RyzanHunter Hunter9289420590
43Remember_MeTrader Trader9256712820
44TRUE_DEATHHunter Hunter8643203400
45Queen0FFightTrader Trader8412320020
46Maria00zawAHunter Hunter7434705900
47R0GYTrader Trader7243003940
48Super_NovaHunter Hunter7232474940
49DiamoraHunter Hunter7203650410
50CamiponTrader Trader7145564000



Server Status

Players online: 1470/2500
Limited Time Events

Share & Mention Event: Ends 10.3.2018


> 2x (GOLD) Trade Event:  
- ( 1:00 - 3:00 )
- (
6:00 - 8:00 )
- (
10:00 - 11:00 )

> CTF: Every 2 Hours

> Battle Arena: Every 2 Hours

> Auto Events: Every 1 Hour

> Team Events: Every 3 Hours

> 2x Vote Points: Every ( Thursday & Friday )

Weekly Tournament

Best STR is B0SS
Best INT 
is Daddy
Best CH is DMC
Best EU is DaddyIS_here
Best PVP is PrinceLight
Best Unique Killer is MiKaZouKi
Gold Lottery Winner is Corrosive Won 580B.
XEON Lottery Winner is Corrosive Won 15K XEON Coins.

Fortress Status
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: TheOldSchooL Tax: 0%
Hotan: HolyWarriors Tax: 0%
Bandit: Nothing Tax: 0%
Constantinople: Nothing Tax: 0%


Every Saturday
@ 8:30 ~ 10:00 PM Server Time

Jangan FW: OPEN
Hotan FW: OPEN
Constantinople FW: CLOSED

XEON Online Team

[GM]XEON / Game Master
[GA]Maddox / Game Asstsiant
[EM]Syrin / Events Manager
[EM]Tarraz / Events Manager
System / Automatic Respond Helper System 
BOT - [BOT] / Automatic Event System

XEON Online Chat!
Refferal System
Server info:

Server info :

PVE: Play2Win
Race: CH - EU
Cap: 130
Skills: 130
Skill Mastery EU:260 / CH:390
Degree: 14
MAX Plus: +16 No ADV / +20 ADV
Alchemy Rate: 3x
PC Limit: Unlimited
Job - CTF - Battle Arena PC Limit: 2
Experience rate: 100x
Party Experience rate: 120x
Gold drop coeficent: 5x
Item drop coeficent: 10x

Status :

Players online: 1470/2500
Max online: 1615
Client Version: 1.428
Accounts: 7264
Characters: 9716
Guilds: 178
Facebook Page